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Day 1 – Familiarisation and orientation

  • Embark on a fascinating game drive through &Beyond Phinda’s Seven World’s of Wonder. The reserve is famous for its sightings of the iconic Big Five and cheetah.
  • Enjoy a briefing and orientation session conducted by Les Carlisle, &Beyond’s Group Conservation Manager.

Day 2 – Guiding introduction

  • Get behind-the-scenes and discover what each &Beyond guide and tracker has to learn and experience in their unique &Beyond training programme.
  • Learn the art of photography and master skills that will be used throughout the rest of your safari.
  • Delve into the bush on a guided walk with the focus on tracking, and participate in track and sign exercises, as well as tree and plant identification.
  • Be captivated by a frogging expedition, (if frogs are active), and listen for distinct frog sounds, track them down, identify and photograph them.
  • Gaze up at the night sky, a blanket of infinite sparkling stars and learn to distinguish myriad stars and celestial constellations of the Southern Hemisphere.

Day 3 – Guiding practical

  • Get out your binoculars for a fantastic birding session. Take part in a bird ringing exercise, which entails netting and then recording measurements, and ringing (tagging) the birds before releasing them.
  • Strap on your walking boots for a bush walk. This adventure will show you the focus and awareness our rangers need in the bush, and offers practical ranger rifle training, with an exhilarating simulation of a lion charge!
  • Focus more on tracking and viewing nocturnal animals on an evening game drive. Enjoy an adventure-filled sleep out under the stars, and enjoy being out in the wild – under the protection of qualified night-security.

Day 4 – Walking Safari and Tracking

  • Embark on a walking safari from your sleep out camp, and navigate back to the lodge, recalling your birding, tracking and tree identification skills along the way.
  • Conduct a tracking exercise, using the skills you have learnt, and spot fresh elephant, buffalo or rhino tracks.
  • Delight in an afternoon game drive and focus on hospitality, with a fun-filled session of craft gin and tonic or beer tasting. There will also be a delicious food pairing to enjoy too.

Day 5 – A day in the local community

  • Spend an enjoyable day out in the local community and gain insight into projects that the Africa Foundation is undertaking.
  • Interact with members of the community and learn about their way of life as well as the fascinating Zulu culture.
  • Engage with students at Nkomo Primary School and assist in preparing lunch meals for children.
  • Teach a classroom of kids and present a short presentation, which is in line with their school curriculum.
  • Relish a delicious lunch in the community, and visit a craft market and local clinic.

Day 6 – Conservation Experiences

  • Meet up with a wildlife research technician from the reserve, and find out more about the wildlife monitoring and research programs currently in place.
  • Take part in the capture of a rhino for research purposes. Alongside the team, you will carry out either an ear notching exercise (for monitoring purposes) or collaring of a specific animal. If necessary, you may have the opportunity to participate in a rhino dehorning exercise, which will help protect the animal from poachers.
  • Learn to use telemetry equipment, which is essential for the research teams to locate wildlife.
  • Head out in search of elephant herds, and collect data which is used to inform the numerous research projects.

Day 7 – Farewell

  • Spend your last morning over breakfast engaging in a debrief session of the week’s activities with Les and Andrew, and delight in the handover of a photography canvas that has been taken with pictures of your journey.


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