Stella Maris Luxury Yacht

A salient voyage fit for royalty around the Galapagos Islands

The spirit of Stella Maris Luxury Yacht

Stella Maris Luxury Yacht epitomizes first-class sea travel and serves as the only luxury yacht in the Galapagos. The vessel comfortably provides for travellers, offering deluxe accommodation and knowledgeable tours. Guests are able to explore the Archipelago and its unparalleled eco-system, alongside guides equipped with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Guests can explore eroded volcano cones, relax on white beaches, watch sea lions and sharks, and frolic in a flamingo lagoon. A comfortable living room invites guests to partake in table games or unwind with a movie before retiring to stately suites reminiscent of aristocratic Europe, with posh linen and private vogue bathrooms. This floating paradise caters to all preferences, serving meals that illustrate the best of Ecuadorian cuisine and international flair, paired with wines derived from world-renowned vineyards across South America, as well as Ecuador’s own wine country. These wines can be enjoyed in the dining room, outdoor el fresco lounge, or sundeck, where guests can relax and take in the scenery while enjoying a sunset dip in the jacuzzi.

What we love about Stella Maris Luxury Yacht

  • Secure diving with inoffensive sharks surrounded by tropical fish flitting in transparent waters.
  • Suarez Point’s blow hole where water spouts up to 50-75 feet into the air .
  • Enjoying a drink in the jacuzzi at sunset with a kaleidoscope sky overhead and glimmering ocean below

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