El Pedral – Hotel de Campo

The gateway to a private maritime wonderland that promises ample visits from aquatic friends

The Spirit of El Padrel – Hotel de Campo

El Pedral – Hotel de Campo is a quaint eight-room lodge nestled deep within the Argentinian wilderness and lies an hour out of Puerto Madryn. Traverse remote pathways en route to the secluded lodge, which lies beyond the famed lighthouse at Punta Ninfas, situated atop imposing cliffs that look deep into the ocean below. Resembling a Normandy villa with its mix of old-world country living and Argentinian finesse, the lodge’s common room features a whimsical library and telescope that allows guests an amplified view of the luminescent night sky. The lodge’s restaurant is known for its roast lamb, basted in local spice and fire-grilled to perfection. The chef’s creations tantalise the palate and leave guests intrigued and indulged. The estancia lies at the entrance of a hidden beach and hosts its own tours, which afford guests the opportunity to walk among penguins and sea-lions while catching sight of orca whales and seals frolicking offshore. Additionally, guests can cycle through the property and further explore the landscaped gardens, the surrounding coastline and the untouched flora and fauna native to Patagonia.

What we love about El Padrel – Hotel de Campo

  • Walk alongside baby penguins.
  • Explore the night sky through the lens of the library telescope.
  • Indulge in a traditional Argentine barbeque marinated in local spices and flame grilled to perfection

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