&Beyond Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge

Bush Fire at &Beyond Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge

We deeply regret to advise that &Beyond Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge was completely destroyed by fire on 18 May 2019. A bushfire that we had been fighting for days on one of our Okavango Delta concessions sadly got out of control due to high winds on the afternoon of 17 May 2019. Despite the valiant efforts of all those involved, the guest areas, all of the guest suites and the managers’ houses at &Beyond Xudum were destroyed in the blaze.

Thanks to the quick action taken by the lodge management team, all guests were safely evacuated to &Beyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp and Maun, leaving the lodge team to continue fighting the fire through the night and the following day, before it was finally brought under control.

Regional Director of Southern Africa, Jason King, commented: “We are devastated at the loss of one of our all-time favourite lodges in the Okavango Delta. We need to thank our incredibly brave Botswana team and those neighbours who joined and assisted us in fighting the massive fires.”

Despite this huge loss, our other Botswana lodges, camps and mobile-camping expeditions continue to offer you extraordinary experiences of this remarkable destination.