Where is the Wildebeest Migration

February Update

Along over 1,5 million wildebeest there are also 200-300 thousand zebras plus thousands of antelope that migrate all year too.

Your best possible opportunity to view the migration during February is by staying at &Beyond Serengeti under Canvas in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

&Beyond Serengeti under Canvas – A luxurious tented accommodation lodge that follows the migration in Tanzania



The 1st week of February

Currently at this time of the year, the big wildebeest herds are spread across the Ndutu area. Herds have moved back into Ndutu from Maswa and Kakesio areas. The rains have been coming daily and the area is looking beautifully green, with plenty of grazing for all the herbivores available

The 2nd week of February

The calving season has really kicked off now and there are lots of new born wildebeest calves and zebra foals all around us. Big herds have been seen crossing Lake Ndutu heading to Makao, which is close to Maswa.

Like all &Beyond lodges, Serengeti under Canvas has expert guides, keeping you informed and entertained throughout your stay

The 3rd week of February

  • The herds seem to be spread out in two areas:-
    One area is in the southern Serengeti near Maswa, where guests are able to enjoy a full day out with packed picnic lunch are currently able to view a mega herd there.
  • Smaller splinter splinter herds seem to be moving slowly east towards Gol Kopjes and Lemuta Hill which is about half an hour drive from our camp.

The 4th week of February

The herds from Maswa from the south and Gol kopjes in the east seem to have congregated again in Ndutu, spread across the Kakesio Plains, which is not far from the Serengeti under canvas camps. The big iconic herds are spread as far as the eye can see. A wonderful spectacle!

The calving continues, and our guests have had great sightings not only of baby wildebeest but lion cubs too!

If you’d like to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity, please contact me and I’ll plan your bucket list luxury safari down to the finest detail.

Even lions with full bellies are tempted by the roaming herds


This surely is one of the best times to see the migration as the shear abundance of animals scattered across the open short grass plains is truly mind boggling. The circle of life continues in Ndutu with guests witnessing zebra foals and Wildebeest calves being born and on the other end the predators taking advantage of the huge number of inexperienced young animals.

If you would like to see this phenomenon – the calving and the predation on the open short grass plains of Ndutu in the Southern Serengeti, Tanzania – then Contact Me now For all your travel requirements. If you want to go later in the year or even next year only, I can let you know the best times and most comfortable lodges to stay at, making your holiday even more memorable.


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