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Whilst thinking of my own challenges it was not long till I started to realise there is a much bigger issue at hand. Namely conservation of Big Game.

I have been wanting to sit down and write a short blog on my experience as a travel planner during Covid 19. Whilst thinking of my own challenges it was not long till I started to realise there is a much bigger issue at hand. Namely conservation of Big Game.

Some days it truly feels like Covid 19 has thrown us under the bus. I started 2020 with a skip in my step and a song in my heart, this was the year I was going to the USA for a holiday with my new partner Tristan. I wanted to share with him the beauty America has to offer. I know so many of my friends are US based and will probably giggle at these statements, but yes for us South Africans coming to your neck of the woods is always mind blowing. Having MacDonald’s from a “Real MacDonald’s” is a big thing, or waiting for that wonderful Krispy Crème Doughnut sign to pop on, Bucket List Goal 5 done and dusted then and there. Small things that are just part of your day to day life are the big things we Africans save a lifetime for and spend days dreaming about.

But sadly this year mother nature had a different plan for us, within a few short weeks the tourism industry grumbled in front of my eyes leaving us all scrambling for steady ground like survivors on the Titanic.

Whilst I was focusing on evacuating my guests and figuring out where to from here. I started to see the headlines: Rafiki, Uganda’s best known mountain gorilla- KILLED. Poaching of endangered species is on the rise…and so the updates continue to swarm my social media.

Needless to say the animal lover and conservationist in my soul slowly started to mourn the amazing conservation opportunities I were part of prior to Covid 19. For the last couple of months I have been asking myself the age old question: WHAT CAN I DO?

The answer is simple ‘CREATE AWARENESS’. Where there is awareness there is always HOPE!

So this is my big plea to everyone in my life, if you have two cents to spare please purchase one of our &Beyond Virtual Experiences with one of our wildlife specialists. Starting from as little at USD20 for kids and USD50 for adults and going up to USD250 for private sessions. You can make a change to conservation globally, seeing &Beyond operates in three continents, conserving some of the most sought after game including the notorious and most trafficked animal called the Pangolin. These virtual Face to Face experiences with some of Africa’s top Guides and Conservationists are truly the best investment you can do for your kids and yourself during the Covid 19, World Wide Crisis.

By investing in one of these virtual sessions you are giving wildlife a chance to survive. You are helping us preserve & conserve.

Covid 19 is not an I virus, it’s a WE virus. We need to stand together and fight every aspect of what this virus is destroying around us.

For more information on our Virtual Experiences please click here, or alternatively contact me directly

Stay Safe!


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