Toughest rangers

This entertaining gallery will change the way you see our rangers. A little humour goes a long way…

They say change is as good as a holiday, so this month we’re writing all about transformation and how travel not only changes you as a person, but how it also forever changes the way you see the world.

Anyone who has travelled extensively will agree that a sense of humour is essential when exploring unknown territories. Let’s face it, planes are going to get delayed, border posts will have queues, language barriers can be a challenge and the local delicacies might not always be what you expect. It’s inevitable, but if you have a sense of humour and an open mind, these minor glitches become part of the adventure and, without a doubt, highlights in the stories you tell your friends once you return home.

Although &Beyond is indeed a luxury experiential travel company, we always ensure there is an element of surprise and, most importantly, a healthy dose of good old fashioned fun in every &Beyond journey. We delight our guests with unexpected treats and spoils. It could be a champagne tree in the middle of the bush, a craft gin and tonic tasting overlooking a busy waterhole, a romantic dinner for two amidst rose petals in your private suite … the point is, we love to spoil our guests and we love to have fun.

Seasoned safari goers will know that the ranger plays a crucial role in the safari experience. Not only do they spend countless hours a day exposing guests to the enchanting wonders of the natural world, but they also form close bonds with their guests, often keeping in touch long after the safari has ended.

Rangers educate, inform, protect and entertain our guests. They possess the encyclopaedic knowledge, they captivate people with their stories, and they exude charm. In fact, they’re so charming, many guests fall prey to the dreaded “khaki fever”. Not sure what that is? Click here to read the fascinating debate and let us know if you think it’s a real thing!

Let this amusing gallery change the way you see our rangers. A little humour goes a long way and as you can see, they certainly aren’t afraid to have a little fun. In fact, it’s these silly, unexpected moments that the guests remember and cherish.

Be careful, he knows if you’ve been naughty or nice. Every year, Ranger Scott Yammin dons a red suit and comical beard and truly brings the Christmas spirit to &Beyond Ngala Private Game Reserve.

When South Africa experienced the after-effects of cyclone Dineo, &Beyond Regional Ranger Trainers Andrew van den Broeck and Seth Vorster kept dry while channelling their inner Mary Poppins.

When his young guest didn’t want to wear his poncho, ranger Matt Murray put it on and didn’t seem to want to take it off in any hurry.

Who says men can’t sew?! This manly DIY arts and crafts session at &Beyond Kirkman’s Kamp had rangers Brett Devitt and Matt Poole debuting some unexpected domestic skills.

Back in his guiding days, &Beyond Regional Ranger Trainer Andrew van den Broeck shamefully sported the brightly-coloured, shame-inducing pink rifle bag, a long-standing tradition dreaded by the rangers in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

High fives and little fives in the Maasai community near &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge. Head Ranger (and gentle giant) Erick Nyamohanga proves there’s always a reason to smile.

Image courtesy of Caleb Shepard Photography.

Got your back. &Beyond Kirkman’s Kamp Tracker Eckson Sithole hams it up with Assistant Head Ranger Jarryd du Preez during an impromptu photo shoot taken for a guest

A bad day of fishing at &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve is much better than a good day at work. Mind you doesn’t look like Ranger Matt Murray did much handling.

Sometimes you don’t have to go very far to spot the Big Five. This elusive leopard (aka ranger Matt Murray) was seen on the prowl at &Beyond Phinda Mountain Lodge.

Image courtesy of Amanda Stonier.

Rangers have to pass their shooting assessment after every leave cycle, making them the ideal Cupids! At &Beyond Phinda Forest Lodge, this handsome trio abandoned their khakis and stole a few hearts on Valentine’s Day.

Even rugged rangers make questionable duck lips (?!). Here, a couple of #KhakiKardashians (Rangers Matt Yardley and Jaryd Povall) pose for the paparazzi on Valentine’s Day at &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve (and they swear hand on heart that the red lips were involuntary).

A little dirt never hurts. This Tanzania trio (&Beyond Fleet Manager Nicolas-Yves Petit, Regional Ranger Trainer Grant Telfer and Head Ranger Abdallah Hassan) prove that while the mud will wash off, the memories will, in fact, last a lifetime.

When you’ve travelled halfway around the world to go on safari, not even a bit of rain can dampen the mood. Here, &Beyond Kirkman’s Kamp Ranger Rikus Lombard proves that rangers do in fact always come prepared.

The Oxford dictionary proclaimed the slang term “selfie” as the international Word of the Year in 2013. We all know what selfies are, but have you heard of a “groundie”? Here, &Beyond Regional Ranger Trainer Seth Vorster gives us a steamy example of a perfectly-executed groundie.

Our rugged &Beyond rangers have a soft side too. Here, &Beyond Kirkman’s Kamp Assistant Head Ranger Jarryd du Preez is deep in conversation with one of his young guests. Talking about rugby, cricket and fishing no doubt.


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