Today we give thanks

In celebration of Thanksgiving, here are the top 10 things we at &Beyond are most thankful for…

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends and travel partners up north. May your day be filled with love and gratitude, and may you all happily feast on hearty, wholesome meals and attempt to avoid the family dramas for one day!

It does seem rather fitting that Thanksgiving falls on a #ThankfulThursday this year. So, while our American friends gather today with loved ones to eat, drink and give thanks, we thought we’d share our own list of the top 10 things we at &Beyond are most thankful for.

With thanks and sincere gratitude…

1. The fearless anti-poaching units and field rangers that continue to put their lives on the line, each and every day and night, to protect our planet’s most endangered and threatened wildlife.

Image © Howard Cleland.

2. Our hard-working habitat and conservation teams that also work tirelessly to conserve the land and monitor, research and protect the wildlife and endangered species on our reserves.

Image © Peter Chadwick.

3. Our expert team of passionate, knowledgeable and charming rangers and trackers, and of course, our world-class ranger trainers that continue to produce and mentor the industry’s finest guides.

Image © Andrew Nicholson.

4. Our talented chefs and food fundis that are forever delighting guests with their irresistible menus, sinful snacks and unexpected surprises in the most enchanting of locations.

5. Our guests who, simply by travelling with us, continue to make a meaningful difference to our planet and its land, wildlife and people.

6. The pleasure of being able to tailormake luxury experiential travel in the most iconic destinations on three different continents.

7. Each and every generous donation that has been made to Rhinos Without Borders (our joint initiative with Great Plains Conservation), which is enabling us to move 100 rhino to safety in Botswana.

Image © Beverly Joubert.

8. The 90 different cultures and 65 different primary languages that make up the vibrant, cultural tapestry of our &Beyond family.

9. Our community development partner, Africa Foundation, and everything they do to empower and uplift the communities surrounding our reserves.

10. Our annual Bateleur Award winners. This year, we give thanks to Martin Doya at &Beyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge for being a role model to his peers.


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