Tigers and monasteries to Easter Island

We now offer our signature brand of authentic, luxury experiences on three different continents…

With the exciting launch of our &Beyond Chile office in 2015, &Beyond is now able to offer our signature brand of authentic, luxury experiences on three different continents.

This means employing the same high calibre, knowledgeable, personable and engaging rangers/guides in both Asia and South America. Since 2006, more than 100 naturalists have completed our naturalist training school in India (in partnership with Taj Safaris), with 60 of them qualifying.

There are currently more than 20 expert naturalists working in our four jungle safaris in central India, and we also have renowned specialist guides that are uncovering the natural beauty, wildlife, culture and landscapes of India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Chile and Argentina to our guests.

Toby Sinclair

Specialist Guide

Sri Lanka, India, Nepal & Bhutan

Toby has lived and guided in India and Sri Lanka for over 30 years and is one of the region’s best-travelled naturalists and specialist guides.

Not only has he edited, photographed or authored 20 books about India and South Asia, but he also continues to manage wildlife and cultural documentaries for the BBC, PBS, Discovery and National Geographic channels across the region. With a wide network of contacts, Toby has unprecedented access to authentic local experiences.

Harsha Jayaramaiah

Specialist Guide

India, Nepal & Bhutan

Harsha has been guiding for more than a decade. Formerly the Head Naturalist at one of our Indian lodges, he was also heavily involved with naturalist training.

A well-travelled animal lover, Harsha leads birding and wildlife safaris in India’s tiger country, the central highlands, the Himalayan foothills and the grasslands of Gujarat. His lifelong dream is to go on an extended birding adventure across India, hitchhiking along the way.

Payal Mehta

Specialist Guide


Payal’s journey has taken her from a typical urban childhood in Mumbai to a successful career as a naturalist.

Having trained as a mountaineer and majored in Geology, Payal went on to complete our naturalist training course and worked as a naturalist, and later as a freelance guide and naturalist trainer. Now based in Bhutan, Payal can indulge in her two most favourite things: mountains and wildlife.

Gary James

Specialist Guide


Born in the UK, Gary’s wanderlust and love of nature took him to South America and in 1996, Chile became his new home.

An avid outdoorsman with a penchant for South America, Gary has travelled extensively and cites Colombia, Perú, Ecuador and Brazil as his favourites (outside of Chile of course). He knows Chile like the back of his hand and spends most weekends exploring new areas.


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