The ultimate wild camping adventure

Our Botswana Mobile Camping Expeditions promise adventure, comfort & a daily change of scenery…

What kind of traveller are you? Do you consider yourself an adventurous, off-the-beaten-path kind of explorer that loves nothing more than to discover untouched landscapes, meet new people, truly get back to nature, and camp (comfortably) in and amongst the dramatic African wilderness? If the thought of having nothing but a sheet of canvas between you and the unmistakable sights, smells and sounds of Africa, then do we have the perfect adventure for you!

Our six carefully crafted &Beyond Botswana Mobile Camping Expeditions take guests on an unforgettable journey, with constantly changing scenery, as they venture through Botswana’s most iconic and beautiful wildlife areas with one of our expert Expeditions guides.

Imagine driving through a lush mopane forest at first light, the sun’s early rays gently filtering through the leafy boughs. The guide switches off the vehicle for a moment so you can all absorb the tranquillity as he regales you with stories of wild cucumber and devil’s claw. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear the distant melodic call of the endemic Arnot’s chat.

Picture bountiful picnic lunches served in abundance in the cool shade on the river’s edge. Feast on warm bread, fresh salads and chilled wine, while listening to birdsong and watching herds of elephant and buffalo in the distance as they slowly make their way down to the water.

No evening is without a well-earned sundowner celebration, each one in an even more magical setting. Sip on a refreshing gin and tonic amidst a mysterious, towering cluster of grand baobab trees that have managed to thrive atop volcanic rock; or toast the sunset with sparkling wine overlooking a hippo pool, as more than a hundred loudly grunting hippo jostle and splash about in the water.

Back at the campsite, stories and laughter are shared around a blazing fire as the chef effortlessly whips up a hearty, wholesome feast on the open fire. Later, indulge in a hot al fresco shower under a vast, starry sky. Million-star camping; there’s nothing more invigorating.

Each of our six exciting, action-packed &Beyond Botswana Mobile Camping Expeditions is tailored to suit different needs; some include a mix of camping and luxury &Beyond lodge accommodation, whereas others are geared entirely towards camping enthusiasts. They range from six to eight nights and explore the exquisite beauty of Botswana, from the game-rich Chobe National Park and remote Savute to the meandering channels of the Okavango Delta and the dramatic Nxai Pans.

These expeditions are perfect for small groups, rustic adventure seekers, photographic and wildlife enthusiasts, as well as individual travellers.


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