The countdown to Vira Vira

Join us as we count down the days until the grand opening of our first lodge in South America…

In just five short weeks, &Beyond Vira Vira, our first lodge in South America will open its doors and we can’t wait to celebrate the invigorating and enchanting beauty of Chile’s Lake District with our guests.

For the adrenaline junkies, there’s mountain biking, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, white-water rafting, horseback riding, fly-fishing (catch and release), trekking, skiing/snowboarding, snowshoeing, dog sledding, helicopter flips over an active volcano … and everything in between, including yoga, hot tubs and a spa. Boredom is an impossibility.

For the nature lovers, suffice it to say that there’s an enormous, enchanting and inviting outdoor playground just waiting to be explored, from snow-capped mountains and volcanoes to dense evergreen rainforests, crystal clear lakes and quaint villages.

Foodies can scrap their diets and spend idle hours savouring world-class Chilean wines and hearty and wholesome farm-to-table meals. Organic fruits and vegetables bursting with flavour are grown in the lodge’s vegetable garden, mouth-watering cheeses are lovingly created at Vira Vira’s cheese factory, and warm, freshly-baked bread and pastries are served with homemade butter and preserves. Just remember, calories don’t count on holiday. Ever.

Of course, there are unforgettable and educational opportunities for the culture enthusiasts who want to experience cultural authenticity and not only learn from, but also give back to, the local people. They can spend quality time with the Mapuche people, gleaning first-hand knowledge about their time-honoured traditions and way of life, and ride horses with authentic Huaso cowboys.

As we gear up for the grand opening, here are some of our favourite images of Vira Vira on Instagram (taken before Vira Vira joined the &Beyond portfolio). We hope they will entice you to come and explore Chile with us. Follow @andbeyondviravira on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates as the lodge officially opens its doors as a &Beyond property on 01 September 2018.

A helicopter view over, not one, but two volcanoes: Lanín and (active) Villarrica. A fresh breakfast with milk, bread, jam, butter and cheese all sourced from the Vira Vira farm.
Start your morning with a cappuccino with freshly-baked bread and pastries. Afternoon picnic overlooking the
snow-capped Villarrica Volcano.
A brisk morning jog on the lodge trails. A horseback riding pit stop with wine & cheese.
Quality time spent with the Mapuche people. Well equipped for the winter’s day.
The ultimate climb for volcanic views. An idle afternoon spent fly-fishing.
A bird’s eye view of Villarrica Volcano. Horseback riding on private forested trails.
Autumn chestnuts, apple cider and
parmesan cheese from the Vira Vira farm.
Wholesome, organic meals
and hearty, world-class wines.
Early morning mist on the river. Striking autumn colours in the lenga forests.
Yoga session amidst the morning mist
and glowing sunrise.
Ending the day with a cosy fondue made with Gruyère from the Vira Vira cheese factory.
Learn all about the Mapuche culture
and traditions first-hand.
The iconic Vira Vira handmade sheep made from Chilean wool by local artists.
Heading out for a day of snowshoeing
on fresh, untouched snow.
A morning yoga class overlooks the
most magnificent sunrise.
On top of the world with a
view of Villarrica Volcano.
Stepping out of the helicopter
into a winter wonderland.
Heli biking for the ultimate adrenaline seekers. Capturing memories on the Liucura River.
Cheesemaker Pierre with an aged Parmigiano in the Vira Vira cheese factory. Riverside picnic with fresh bread
and cheese from the Vira Vira farm.
Sunrise colours… … and sunset colours.


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