Switch off for Earth Hour

Let’s all switch off for Earth Hour on Saturday night. Here are some ideas to get you in the mood…

Will you be switching off the lights for Earth Hour on Saturday night?

Wondering what it’s all about? Earth Hour is a global movement that was started ten years ago. It encourages people all around the world to switch off their lights and appliances for one hour every year. Millions of people, businesses and iconic landmarks across the globe commit to 60 minutes of darkness in order to raise much-needed awareness for climate change action.

This year’s Earth Hour is taking place this Saturday night (25 March) from 20h30 to 21h30 and we encourage everyone to participate and help protect our planet. Let’s start changing our habits to better the earth!

Earth Hour has become a long-standing tradition at our safari camps and lodges and the whole evening is transformed into a romantic event. There really is no place more exhilarating and enchanting to spend Earth Hour than in the bush (or on the beach), surrounded by the night skies and the sounds of Mother Nature.

At &Beyond, we specialise in guest delight, forever creating those signature, yet unexpected moments for our guests to enjoy now and cherish forever. Although we “de-light” for Earth Hour by ensuring all lights and generators are switched off, we guarantee an evening of delight as guests happily dine outdoors, amidst candles, lanterns, the moon, the stars and each other.

Need help coming up with some fun ways to celebrate this important hour? Here are just a few suggestions. Remember, we can all make changes, big or small, in our lives to help protect our precious planet.
  • Pour a glass of wine and draw up a hot, candlelit bubble bath
  • Light some candles in your room and grab a great book
  • Invite your friends and enjoy a moonlit picnic in your backyard
  • Roast marshmallows on a campfire
  • Camp out in your living room in front of a blazing fireplace
  • Light some sparklers and have some fun “air writing”
  • Go out stargazing
  • Arrange a festive, lantern-lit games night complete with board games and pub quizzes
  • Set up a starlit drinks stop in your backyard for friends and family
  • Turn off the pool pump lights and go for a brisk skinny dip
  • For our friends up north, use hot water bottles instead of an electric blanket

These are just a few ideas. Have fun with it! Every little bit really does help and our guests continue to enjoy Earth Hour at &Beyond — one meaningful hour with memories to last a lifetime.


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