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The Milk Shed

With Covid changing the financial landscape, taking short breaks have become somewhat of a luxury even for someone like me that use to live on the road.

I was desperate to get away on a little break with my family and we wanted to take our furry babies with us, and especially see how Ellie our newest addition to the family cope with traveling. After doing some research into pet friendly establishments we finally set our sights on a gem of a place called The Milk Shed in Tulbagh.

The Milk Shed is a lovely self-catering home on a working farm, surrounded by century old trees, ducks and geese roaming freely and many dams and ponds lace this beautiful oasis in the heart of the Cape Winelands. Our dogs literally ran for hours on end exploring every nook and cranny and were truly welcomed with open arms. For a brief moment it felt like we were in the heart of Southern France.

The rooms are spacious with en-suite bathrooms and this three bedroomed cottage also offers a private hot tub, ‘braai’ room and spacious living room and kitchen. It’s a great escape for families and furies alike.

The cottage itself offered every single amenity known to man. I was very impressed with the extensive “yummies” that awaited us. From fresh muffins, juices too crisp, nuts, chocolates and a lovely breakfast basket consisting of a wide selection of cereals and homemade rusks. The coffee tray in the kitchen boasted with at least 5 variety of coffees, teas and even a big container of Milo. We tried to nibble on everything but simple could not manage to enjoy it all. The offerings was just too overwhelming.

For anyone doing a lovely road trip through the Cape Winelands will truly lose their heart on this little paradise called Tulbagh. Tulbagh, named after Dutch Cape Colony Governor Ryk Tulbagh, is a town located in the “Land van Waveren” mountain basin, in the Winelands of the Western Cape, South Africa. The basin is fringed on three sides by mountains, and is drained by the Klein Berg river and its tributaries.

This weekend away showed me again that hospitality is in our African blood. We love to share and we love to take care. We love to spoil and we simple love breaking bread with a new acquaintance and share stories.

I am excited about the coming months, when we all starting to wake up from our ‘Covid slumber’ and start to welcome guests in great numbers again. There is no continent more ready, like the African continent.

For the record Ellie, already shows an appetite for travel. She loved every moment, and every moment loved her!

Images Captured by Tristan Smith & some of the images are from The Milk Shed.


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