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Every year from June through to September, the heavens open and India experiences its monsoon season…

Every year from June through to September, the heavens open and India experiences its monsoon season. The rains come like clockwork, many of the national parks close and there is a common misconception that travel to India during these months is discouraged. We couldn’t disagree more ? travelling in low season has its perks, from fewer crowds and a more relaxed pace, to discounted rates and increased availability. And with the right kind of planning, you can visit India during the monsoon season and steer clear of the rain.

The monsoon typically travels in a predictable pattern, with the southern state of Kerala being the first region to be affected by rains in early June. The weather system travels north along the coastline, reaching Mumbai and Delhi towards the end of June. The precipitation slowly turns inland, reaching the interior by mid-July.

By simply planning ahead and selecting your regions carefully, it is possible to avoid the worst of the monsoon and appreciate the best of India during its glorious quiet season.

With the arid, yet strikingly beautiful Thar Desert at its heart, the state of Rajasthan experiences very little rainfall, even during the monsoon. Once ruled by the mighty Rajput warriors, Rajasthan’s grand forts and palaces are a wonderful reminder of its regal past. Exquisite temples and intricate shrines add to the many architectural marvels of the region, all set amidst landscaped gardens and tranquil lakes.

In addition to ancient, imposing architecture, Rajasthan provides an authentic shopping experience second to none. The region’s vibrant culture is embodied in its remarkable range of craftwork, from soft leathers and colourful textiles to shimmering gemstones and lifelike paintings. Skills such as gem-cutting, jewellery design, spinning, weaving and embroidery have been passed down from generation to generation and the region’s handicrafts really are fit for a maharaja.

Moving further north to the mountainous state of Jammu and Kashmir ? while parts of the eastern Himalayas do receive a great deal of rain, the northern reaches of these mountains, around Ladakh, remain relatively untouched by the monsoon. A remote, yet intriguing and dramatic landscape, the ex-kingdom of Ladakh boasts serene Buddhist monasteries, cultural festivals, scenic treks, river rafting and more.

Once the main monsoon rains have passed, the southern states such as Kerala and Goa also become fantastic destinations, as they are particularly lush and beautiful after receiving the seasonal rainfall.

So don’t let the rain dampen your plans. Let our Indian travel experts craft the perfect itinerary that steers clear of the monsoon and takes full advantage of the blissful quiet season.

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