June Wildebeest Migration Update

During the month of June the wildebeest migration can be seen….

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Elephant below the Kuka Hills where Kleins Camp can be seen on the left

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In order to get a better idea of where the migration throughout the year is, you can have a look at my previous blog posts to better visualise their current location.

The 1st week of June

The bulk of the herds are in central Serengeti, near Moru Kopjes. Small herds of zebra and wildebeest have been seen approaching the Western Corridor, with more herds expected to arrive in the coming days.

We are also staying in touch with our team at Klein’s Camp as we are expecting some front runners arriving in the Lobo area in the coming week/s.

You and This sundower fire at Kleins camp could be there next year welcoming the migration

The 2nd week of June

The migration herds are heading north, with splinter herds seen at Lobo, moving towards Klein’s Camp, and other splinter herds heading towards the Western corridor approaching Grumeti. The mega herd is still hanging around in the central Serengeti, just west of Seronera.

Klein’s Camp, Serengeti Under Canvas in the central and western Serengeti, as well as Grumeti would have had access to the migration herds at the moment.

Cheetah hunting at Kleins Camp

The 3rd week of June

Large herds of wildebeest are heading towards Grumeti River from Seronera and are nearing the Grumeti River – extending from an area called Nyasarori all the way to Musabi Plains in the Western corridor. A couple of smaller herds of wildebeest are still seen heading up towards Lobo, but have not yet reached Klein’s Camp.

Late update receive on 17 Jun from Andrew (he is @ Kichwa at the moment): Last week Saturday they saw small herds crossing the border, not massive but start of migration heading their way. They will be heading out in a day/two to get more updates for us seeing that no game drives are taking place)

Grumeti sunset

The 4th week of June

News from Grumeti is that herds have been seen at Musabi Plains crossing Grumeti River towards Nyasirori Plains. The Zebra seem to be leading the way to Kogatende, with big herds of zebra seen scattered throughout the area at Klein’s. Our Kichwa team went to the border toward the end of last week, and saw a few wildebeest and zebra, but no large herds. These are certainly the fore-runners!

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