It’s time for a tech detox

Take a much-needed tech detox, get back to nature and indulge in our new range of amenities and massages…

As technology, traffic and the never-ending to-do lists, not to mention the politics and pressures of the modern world, continue to drive our stress levels through the roof, it’s no surprise that health-minded, eco-conscious travel remains a constant and ever-growing trend.

Think about it. We’re mere days away from entering the third month of 2017 and it feels like the blink of an eye doesn’t it?! Did you stick to any of your New Year’s resolutions? How much time have you allocated to yourself? And perhaps most importantly … be honest … have you managed to disconnect from your wifi and reconnect with yourself, even if just for 24 hours?

At &Beyond, we encourage our guests to switch off, both mentally and physically. To really get back to nature, to breathe the fresh air, to appeal to each of the five senses, to admire Mother Nature in all her glory and to slow life’s steady, demanding pace. It’s time to take a tech detox … and we have the perfect suggestion in mind.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day and February’s month-long sensory overload, we have completely relaunched the massage offering at our safari camps and lodges throughout Africa. Not only have our expert massage therapists all undergone extensive training to refresh and enhance their incredible skills, but we have also partnered with Healing Earth to introduce a brand new range of soothing, refreshing and eco-friendly amenities at our lodges.

An energising and uniquely African blend of lemon verbena and argan oil is used to create an uplifting and aromatic scent that not only revitalises the senses, but also nourishes and hydrates the skin and hair while providing important anti-oxidant protection.

We invite you to escape the nagging clutches of your day-to-day routines and get back to the real world. Let us thrill you by day with unforgettable adventure, adrenaline, fresh air and sunshine. Delightfully invigorating and filled with excitement, your days will be spent outdoors exploring the wonders of nature with our expert guides.

You’ll return to the lodge, energised and exhilarated, leaving the bumpy roads and hot sun behind and magically entering a world of luxury and unexpected spoils. Upon arrival, a fresh scented towel wipes away the well-earned layer of dust that symbolises a truly rewarding day spent in the wilderness.

Having experienced a full day of what our rangers affectionately refer to as “African massage”, as the safari vehicle traverses the rugged landscape, guests can treat themselves to a far more pampering and relaxing African massage in the privacy of their suite. Or, if you prefer, on the tree-shaded banks of the Mara River with herds of grunting gnus nearby, in the forested seclusion of an open-air treehouse cradled deep in a mahogany forest, overlooking the winding waterways of the Okavango Delta with the haunting cries of fish eagles in the distance … the options are endless and they are all designed with the ultimate relaxation and pampering in mind.

It is the ultimate spoil and not only is it the best way to start eliminating your stress from the modern world, but it also gets you into a relaxed safari state of mind.


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