Island treasure hunters

The &Beyond Mnemba family surprises children with a scavenger hunt. A mysterious message in a bottle washes…

Even though you can walk around the circumference of &Beyond Mnemba Island in just 20 minutes, there is an endless list of fun-filled activities and adventures to keep children happily entertained while their parents relax and unwind.

The &Beyond Mnemba family surprises children with a scavenger hunt. A mysterious message in a bottle washes up ashore containing a set of clues that will lead them to a secret treasure chest. Each clue will take them on an exploration of the many wonders of the island, teaching them about the island and its inhabitants.

An “X” marks the spot where the treasure chest is hidden and a delicious feast of chocolate-covered fruit skewers, breadfruit crisps and piña coladas awaits.

Children can also venture out with the boat captains and learn how to sail the traditional dhows around the island. Water babies can go snorkelling, sea kayaking, scuba diving, fly-fishing, paddleboarding or dolphin spotting (always under the watchful eye of our watersports team).

Back on the island, little ones enjoy forest walks where they are introduced to one of the rarest antelopes in Africa, the Ader’s duiker. This beautiful forest-dwelling creature is critically endangered and can only found in Zanzibar.

When the sun sets, there is more adventure as children set out in search of beach crabs. If they’re lucky, they’ll spot the elusive resident coconut crab, which is the largest land-living arthropod in the world.

The &Beyond Mnemba family really does pull out all the stops to ensure that all guests, young and young at heart, have an unforgettable, relaxing time in paradise.


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