How you dune?

Take each day with a grain of sand and look to the dunes of the Namib Desert for wisdom…

2020 is a year we’d all like to forget. Our (travel) souls aren’t meant to be rooted in one place. But this, too, shall pass, so let’s take each day with a grain of salt sand and look to the ancient dunes of the Namib Desert for wisdom.

This ever-shifting desertscape has stood the test of time (and time again) and can teach us all a thing or two about patience, permanence and hard times. Remember to stand tall and stand your ground, while always staying grounded. Embrace those winds of change and let things blow over (they always do).

Weather the elements, and when things get tough, draw a line in the sand. Be still, soak up the sun and remember, happiness generates a ripple effect. We can’t wait to welcome you back … perhaps the so(u)litude of the desert is exactly what your soul needs.

Don't desert your travel plans

Where time stands still

Travel deep into Namibia’s Namib Desert to the unapologetic luxury, ethereal landscape and ever-twinkling stars of Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge.

A desert full of life

Don’t be fooled by the endless, seemingly barren dunes. Slow down, explore and you’ll discover fascinating desert-adapted creatures, big and small.

Leave only footprints

Nothing beats having an iconic star dune … all to yourself.

Two-tired to pedal

Pedal (or turbo boost … we’re not judging) your way through this land before time on a Specialised e-bike.

Rocks that tell a story

Just behind the lodge, on the inside of an old cave, ancient San rock art reveals a window into the past.

Exploring Africa’s Night Skies

Listen to podcast with Vernon Swanepoel, Activities Manager at Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge.

Well, that about sums up 2020!

It has been a tough year, so if you are choosing to keep your head in the sand until life — and travel — resume, you are not alone. Keep dreaming, keep planning and know that the enchanting desert awaits.


Explore the towering, timeless dunes of the ancient Namib Desert.


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