Green Season Safari

‘Bush therapy’ before the busy-ness of the Festive season

Early December my kids finished off their school year and we were in need of some ‘bush therapy’ before the busy-ness of the Festive season was upon us. This is not traditionally the best time of year to be on safari in Africa as the summer rains have started but this was our time for a break so we took it.

With the start of the summer rains in Africa, the bush is transformed within days of the first rains falling by green shoots sprouting almost before your eyes. This means that the vegetation is thicker, the grass is longer, and the animals don’t have to rely so much on permanent water sources so can spread out a bit more.

However our time at &Beyond Ngala Safari Lodge and &Beyond Kirkmans Kamp opened our eyes to the jewels of the ‘green season’ in the form of lots of baby animals, our favourite being the baby impala’s ‘creches’ which were in abundance and only a few days old. For photography, the colours popping against the green shoots everywhere and clean, clear light as the rain settles the dust of the dry season. The churrp churrrr and metalic blue flash from the woodlands Kingfishers which were in abundance along with other migratory birds who are after the insects, giant African land snails and snakes. Yes we did get wet on occasion but we had a fantastic time and it was a great opportunity to learn more about the smaller fauna and flora as well as enjoying the usual big 5.


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