Funny wildlife photos: part 3

Back by popular demand, here are some more entries from Mother Nature’s oh-so entertaining blooper reel…

Laughter. Not only is it the best medicine, but it’s a welcome escape from the daily monotony of routines and responsibility. Mother Nature is no stranger to comedy and even the most serious of wildlife photographers will agree that animals do the funniest things.

People around the world fell in love with the eco-conscious elephant that was caught on CCTV doing a bit of a spring clean:

And let’s not forget the British comedy show, Walk on the Wild Side, with its hilarious voiceovers that guests continue to quote on our game drives to this day:

In the spirit of fun and changing the way you see the animal kingdom, we created a recurring blog to showcase the funniest wildlife photos and videos taken by our &Beyond rangers and guests.

Sadly, the endangered and threatened species lists continue to grow and the ever-present poaching atrocities continue to worsen. Let’s face it, wildlife lovers could use a bit of cheer. And so, back by popular demand, here are some more entries from Mother Nature’s oh-so-entertaining blooper reel. May they put a smile on your face and change the way you see the animal kingdom. Humour abounds everywhere … you just have to look for it.

1. “When you know you’re fabulous, flaunt it.” © Matt Yardley

2. “Why so glum chum?” © Daryl Dell

3. “When you’re on a diet and someone eats fries in front of you.” © Claire Trickett

4. “When you bite off more than you can chew, yet try to act cool when the waiter asks how everything is.” © Andy Biggs

5. “When you know your selfie game is strong.” © Jen Robertson

6. “This is pure joy in the elephant world.” © Bruce Hedges

7. “Monday face.” © Andy Biggs

8. “Patience is what parents have when there are witnesses.” © Matt Yardley

9. “When you know better than to talk back.” © Daryl Dell

10. “When your mum sings in public. #makeitstop.” © Matt Poole


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