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Food is an integral part of Indian culture, with each region, religion and caste lending its own unique influences…

From the hopelessly romantic and architecturally magnificent Taj Mahal and the breathtakingly opulent maharaja’s palaces, to the tantric temples of Khajuraho and the peacefully idyllic jungle retreats, the ever-enchanting Indian subcontinent has long been associated with love and everlasting devotion.

The awe-inspiring sights, cacophony of sounds, vibrant flavours and vivid colours are captivating, the culture most welcoming and the age-old traditions that are passed down through generations continue to entice curious, wanderlust travellers from all around the world.

Food is an integral part of Indian culture, with each region, religion and caste lending its own unique influences. From freshly caught seafood and coconuts on the coast, to fiery hot spices and chillies, aromatic curries and sweet cooling drinks, India’s cuisine has stimulated the senses and tempted the tastebuds for centuries.

Our 11-day Flavours of India Food & Tea tour was tailormade for epicureans in search of India’s most mouth-watering menus and tasty treats. Starting in Delhi, food lovers are taken on a journey through Hyderabad, Kolkata and the Glenburn Tea Estate just outside of picturesque Darjeeling.

Each day is filled with new adventure and irresistible flavours. Explore the bustling Chandni Chowk market and experience its dynamic and delicious street food culture. Visit the Qutub Minar and Humayun’s Tomb, followed by an evening at an award-winning eatery hosted by a culinary expert. Delve into a private cooking class and learn to master an authentic Hyderabadi dish. Venture to unimaginable palaces, stop off at museums, hike through flourishing forests and learn all about India’s fascinating tea heritage.

Return home with memories, and enviable recipe ideas, to last a lifetime


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