Fit for a President

An extremely proud moment for our Botswana family as the President pays them an important visit…

Back in 2013, when Rhinos Without Borders was officially launched, the first batch of translocated rhino was safely translocated from &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve and donated to the country of Botswana. The official release and handover ceremony were graciously attended by His Excellency Ian Khama, the President of Botswana, and his brother, Tshekhedi (TK) Khama, the Minister of Tourism.

That particular visit, and the initial forging of what is now a long-term partnership inspired Minister TK Khama and his family to return to &Beyond earlier this year, this time to attend the grand opening ceremony of the newly rebuilt &Beyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge. He was so impressed with the groundbreaking architecture, world-class service and local Motswana charm, that he vowed to encourage the President to pay them a personal visit to witness the magic himself.

True to his word, Minister Khama returned to &Beyond Sandibe, this time with President Khama himself, and their immediate family. Knowing that the Khamas are a close-knit family that rarely get to spend quality time together in one place, the Sandibe team ensured they were able to enjoy some privacy to reconnect and unwind.

They even managed to surprise the Presidential party with some truly unforgettable moments in the Okavango Delta, from surprise takeaway ice cream and popcorn stops in the heart of the bush, to luxurious massage treatments, romantic turndowns and a private family picnic on the lush banks of the Gomoti River.

The President and the Minister both thanked the &Beyond Sandibe family, and President Khama went on to boldly declare that the magic that has been created at Sandibe is unlike anything he has experienced anywhere else in the world and he assured the proud &Beyond team that he would soon return.

President Khama, Minister TK Khama, and the entire Khama family, we look forward to welcoming you back to &Beyond.


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