Eat, pray, love … and travel

Step out of your comfort zone and eat, pray and love your way through India. It will change you…

Seasons change, and so do we … which is a good thing! Every few months as each new season begins – whether we choose to see it this way or not – we are all blessed with the chance at a new beginning; an opportunity to refocus, reprioritise and start over in a sense.

Now that spring has sprung down south and up north the warm autumn colours are glowing, what would you like to change? Have you set any goals for this second-last season of 2017?

Our advice, no matter the season, is to get out and explore. Get off the couch. Pry yourself away from all those screens. Disconnect from the wifi. There is a whole world out there, just waiting to be discovered, explored and admired. Change your scenery and feed that voracious travel bug (and your soul); you’ll come back a better, more enriched and re-inspired person.

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Change your surroundings

Perhaps our most favourite new &Beyond experience is our soul-enriching Eat, Pray and Love journey of the soul, which immerses you in the invigorating and kaleidoscopic colours, sights, sounds, smells and tastes of India.

The truth is, change does us all the world of good. Whether you’re eighteen or eighty, every now and then we all need to switch off and reboot. We encourage you to change your pace … and your place. Escape your never-ending to-do lists, real-life responsibilities, soul-destroying traffic, and that never-ending black hole disguising itself as your email inbox. Treat your eyes to new landscapes and embrace as much new scenery as you can.

On this journey, you’ll be fully immersed in India’s intoxicating colours, bustling bazaars, vibrant cultures and delightful cacophony of sounds. You’ll set out to explore monuments, museums and marketplaces, and palaces, forts and lush gardens. From the unforgettable Taj Mahal, the world’s most famously heart-breaking tribute to love, to the picturesque City of Lakes, opulent Golden Temple and countless holy shrines, this welcome change of scenery is good for the soul.

Sip on evening cocktails and tuck into a delicious dinner overlooking the enchanting backdrop of the Taj Mahal in the distance, enjoy a romantic sunset cruise on Lake Pichola and hop on a rickety rickshaw and explore the local sights. Witness the holiest of shrines, wander aimlessly through intricate and ornate royal residences and experience simple, traditional life on a classic Punjabi farm. This is a world of contrasts.


Change your palate

Famous across the globe for its colourful cultures, bustling bazaars, fascinating folklore and, of course, its fragrant and flavourful fare, India is a journey like no other. They say the food is the language of love. Well, if so, then India most certainly has romance covered.

We invite you to tempt your taste buds and fall in love with fresh, fiery and unexpected flavours that you never even knew existed. Indian cuisine literally bursts with surprising flavour, from its warm and buttery flatbreads, sinfully sweet treats, wholesome vegetarian menus and moreish street food, to its comforting curries, deep-fried dumplings and spicy samosas (to name just a few).

On our Eat, Pray and Love journey, rest assured that you will eat … and boy, will you eat well (and plenty). You’ll visit local markets and learn how to haggle for spices and vegetables. You’ll join a hands-on cooking class with a local chef. And among the many memorable meals on this adventure, you’ll also experience an elegant high tea in an old Delhi marketplace and be warmly welcomed into the traditional home of an Indian family, and together you’ll cook a delicious, home-cooked Indian meal for all to share. Leave your diets at home!


Change your perspective

There’s no denying that a trip to India is life-changing. As diverse as it is ancient, India will surprise even the most seasoned traveller with its hospitable people and their welcoming, carefree spirit; it’s overcrowded, not to mention overwhelming, streets bustling with character and charm; its undeniable sense of community; and its delightfully spontaneous celebrations.

On this journey, you’ll witness the simple pastoral life of Punjabi village farmers to lavish imperial palaces and everything in between. India is a world of stark contrasts and sensory overload. Step out of your comfort zone and mingle with different cultures. Try your hand speaking a new language or learning how to cook authentic Indian dishes. You’ll no doubt gain enlightenment from the sacred shrines, temples, monuments and people and will return home enriched and rejuvenated by (and not to mention grateful for) the experience.

India … arrive as a tourist and leave as a traveller. This journey will change you.



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