Count the memories not the calories

Savour the moment, and the meal, with these 10 unforgettable food experiences on 3 continents…

One of the greatest joys of being on holiday is the opportunity to unapologetically indulge in whatever brings you happiness. For some, this might be the chance to disconnect properly from the outside world and spend uninterrupted quality time alone and with loved ones. For others, it might be a dip in the ocean, a walk on the beach, some morning meditation or a relaxing spa treatment.

One guilty holiday pleasure we can all agree on is the chance to indulge in a destination’s food. Diet is a four-letter word that has no place on any packing list, so leave it at home where it belongs. Immerse yourself in the local flavours, linger longer over shared meals, go back for seconds, have dessert, and remember, it’s always five o’clock somewhere, so have that drink too.

10 unforgettable food experiences

Delve deeper into a destination and take its foreign flavours to a whole new level with these 10 unforgettable food experiences on three different continents. At the heart of each of these extraordinary meals is a delicious feast that is made all the more memorable by its truly unique setting and the people you share it with.

So, bon appétit. Count the memories, not the calories. Years from now, will you remember that you over-indulged or will you forever cherish the memory of a once in a lifetime dining experience?

A picnic in the Andes

Recline on comfy Peruvian blankets and cushions, a glass of wine in hand, and tuck into an abundant picnic platter amidst the picturesque mountain scenery, fresh air and great outdoors.

Lunch in a Mapuche ruka

Step into doña (a woman of rank) Rosario’s rustic ruka (homestead) where you’ll learn all about the fiercely guarded Mapuche culture. And once the ash-cooked tortilla bread is baked to perfection in the fire pit in front of you, you’ll all tuck into a hearty and healthy Mapuche meal together.

A Chilean cooking class

Join French-trained executive chef Damián Fernández Dupuoy for an intimate and interactive cooking class at &Beyond Vira Vira in Chile. The lesson will kick off with a pisco sour (or two) and once Damián’s three-course meal is prepared before your eyes, the feast is served with fine Chilean wine.

Lunch on top of an active volcano

After an energetic hike up Villarrica, one of Chile’s most active volcanoes, a makeshift table and chairs made of snow await, complete with a breathtaking view, fresh and abundant farmstyle lunch platters and piping hot espresso to reward the morning’s climb.

A fairy circle dinner

Savour a romantic, lantern-lit dinner-for-two in the middle of a mysterious fairy circle under an impossibly starry sky in the vast, otherworldly Namib Desert.

Authentic Cape Malay curries

Linger over the sweet and savoury Cape Malay curries in a family-run restaurant in the cheerful, brightly coloured streets of Bo-Kaap in Cape Town.

A fairytale sandcastle dinner

Celebrate the pastel-coloured sunset with a dreamy sandcastle dinner-for-two on the perfectly soft, snow white beach of an exclusive private island in tropical Zanzibar.

Secret Sri Lankan family recipes

Step into the private kitchen of a friendly Sri Lankan family and get a fascinating glimpse into their daily life, cultural traditions, secret recipes and vibrant flavours as you cook up a culinary feast together.

A Bhutanese farmhouse dinner

Gain authentic insight into the daily rituals of a Bhutanese farmer as you spend an afternoon working together in the rice fields, then share a hearty farm dinner with the farmer’s family in their private home.

A magical African bush dinner

Share a festive, fireside and al fresco African dinner on the vast plains of Kenya’s Masai Mara, surrounded by fairy lanterns, the starry African sky and the inimitable night sounds of the African wilderness.

If you’re looking for even more enchanting mealtime inspiration, check out these 15 favourite surprise feasts and 10 most romantic moments. May they inspire you to collect moments, not things, and to count the memories, not the calories. Cheers to that.


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