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From its golden beaches, majestic mountains and enchanted rainforests, to its cosmopolitan cities, vibrant culture…

From its golden beaches, majestic mountains and enchanted rainforests, to its cosmopolitan cities, vibrant culture and invigorating adventures, South America is the perfect place for families to explore, learn and reconnect.

Appreciating the growing trend for action-packed, multi-generational travel that incorporates authentic local experiences and a generous dose of adventure, our &Beyond travel experts in Santiago, Chile have tailormade the ideal fun-filled family escape.

Our 11-day Lakes, Forests and Mountains of Southern Chile tour seamlessly combines Chile’s iconic destinations, natural luxury, adventure activities and interesting cultures. Start by taking in the sights and sounds of cosmopolitan Santiago, from the small picturesque wineries on the coast to the bustling Central Market and historic Presidential Palace. A short flight and scenic drive then takes you to the charming town of Puerto Varas.

This is adventure’s doorstep. The emerald lakes, cascading waterfalls and deep canyons give way to a multitude of energising activities, from sailing, hiking and canyoneering, to kayaking, paddling alongside sea lions and braving South America’s second longest canopy tour.

Heading north to the pristine Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, you are now deep in the heart of the lush Chilean Patagonian rainforest. Spend three invigorating days hiking through bamboo tunnels to hidden waterfalls, observing wild boar and south Andean deer, horseriding, river rafting or volcano climbing.

The final destination is Pucón. Here, families can interact with the Mapuche people, learning about their traditional way of life, wholesome cuisine, intricate metalwork and time-honoured jewellery-making.

Hailed the adventure capital of Chile, Pucón boasts thermal hot springs, volcanoes, mountains, lakes, national parks and adrenaline-packed outdoor activities for all ages. The options are endless: horseriding, watersports, trekking, cooking, swimming, kayaking, cheese-making, hiking, cycling or simply relaxing in the natural hot springs.

Aimed at thrill seekers and nature lovers alike, this tailormade adventure ensures the young (and young at heart) are well entertained. It’s the ultimate bonding time for intrepid families seeking new experiences.

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