Around the world in 10 drinks

Nothing beats a drink shared among friends, so here are 10 must-try drinks from around the world…

As much as we love tempting our guests with the most irresistible, diet-ruining feasts, we also add creativity and panache to the drinks we serve. We’re talking freshly-squeezed tropical fruit juices bursting with flavour, vitamin-rich health drinks, aromatic caffeinated brews that awake the senses, and of course, countless alcoholic delights to toast the sunrise, sunset, and everything in between.

Be it a cup of tea delivered to your suite for morning wake-up call or a classic gin and tonic overlooking a waterhole at sunset, the location is what makes it count. Imagine drifting down a quiet channel of the Okavango Delta in a mokoro (dugout canoe) and discovering a floating champagne stop hidden in the reeds.

You might find yourself sipping piping hot coffee amidst the mighty herds of the Great Migration, tasting a frozen gin and tonic in the middle of a mahogany forest listening to the eerie night-time calls of the bushbabies, sipping fine whiskey atop an ancient ice glacier in Argentina, popping a champagne cork at a decadent rose-adorned picnic on the enormous game-filled Ngorongoro Crater floor … the options are endless, and boy, are they memorable.

Here are our 10 must-try drinks from around the world (and if you like these, you’ll love our 15 must-try foods from around the world and our 15 favourite surprise feasts). Nothing beats a jovial drink and some good banter shared among friends and we always encourage our guests to try the local food and drink when travelling. It not only connects them with the destination and its local people, but it also reconnects them with each other. We say cheers to that … and in 10 different languages, too (scroll down). Enjoy!

1. Tusker beer, Kenya

The most popular beer in Kenya, nothing tastes better than an ice-cold Tusker overlooking the Mara plains.

2. Dawa, Kenya & Tanzania

Just what the doctor ordered. Literally. Dawa, meaning ‘medicine’ in Swahili, is a delicious local cocktail made from vodka, lime and Maasai honey. (Image © Katie Hollimon).

3. Piña colada, Mozambique

 Perhaps not as famous as 2M beer, the classic piña colada is the perfect way to cool off on the sunny, tropical beaches of Mozambique.

4. Craft gin, South Africa

Imagine being surprised with a gin tasting in the middle of the bush, featuring South Africa’s definitive Inverroche fynbos gin collection.

 5. Whiskey tasting, South Africa

Sample the fine whiskeys of the world while elephants drink from the waterhole in front of you and birds sing from the trees above you.

6. Amarula, South Africa

This creamy South African liqueur is made from the wild fruit of the marula tree and no morning coffee in the bush should go without it! (Image © @masonse).

7. Pisco sour, Chile & Peru

So delicious there’s actually a day named after it, the ever-popular pisco sour is a tangy, refreshing cocktail made with white brandy, and mixed with egg whites, lime juice, sugar syrup, ice and Angostura bitters. (Image © Tierra Atacama).

8. Sauvignon sour, Chile

Among the many fruity and herbal variations of the beloved Pisco Sour, the increasingly popular and sophisticated Sauvignon Sour blends crisp white wine with the tangy Pisco Sour mix.

9. Lassi, India

This traditional Punjabi drink is a delightful blend of creamy yoghurt, water and local spices and it’s the perfect summer refreshment.

10. Kingfisher beer, India

India’s most famous beer, this light, refreshing ale is best enjoyed ice-cold and alongside a fiery Indian curry.


How to say cheers in 10 different languages

Gan bei (“dry the cup”) Chinese
Na zdravi Czech
Cheers English
Kippis Finnish
Santé (“health”) French
Prost German
L’Chaim (“to life”) Hebrew
Cin cin Italian
Salud Spanish
Skål Swedish



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