A short guideline for booking your &Beyond Journey!

Not everyone understands how booking through me works – so here are some FAQ’s on the process of making your life changing trip happen

I specialise in helping you craft your journey from arrival to departure. This can include your international airfare.

I will share information with you on what to pack and help you prepare for your journey.

&Beyond has been a fully registered and recognized Tour Operator (AKA Travel Agent) for over 20 years now, which means I have access to hotels, lodges, luxury train journeys, flights, car rental and so much more. We create trips in Africa, South East Asia and South America.

Once we have finalized a quotation and you are happy with the itinerary, I will collect a non-refundable deposit from you to secure all services. 80 days before arrival I will invoice you your balance invoice and your payment will be due 60 days before travel.

I will then send through a request for the finer details to make your stay superb. This can include what you are celebrating, your specific dietary preferences and even your favourite pillow type!

You are welcome to settle via credit card online on a secure payment portal or wire the amount into one of our various bank accounts.

Once you arrive, I will ensure our team looks after you like gold and will be available to assist 24/7 during your journey. Once you are home, I will be in touch and happily assist with any future &Beyond journeys for you, your friends and family.

I look forward to being your dedicated Travel Specialist.


I am passionate about travel and can’t wait to share the beauty of the world with you

Melissa Adey

&Beyond Travel Specialist

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