monitoring a cheetah for conservation purposes

Travel with purpose

Travelling with purpose

There is a saying, “Live. Love. Laugh. Leave a legacy.” Short and sweet, yet it encapsulates the &Beyond experience to a T. We inspire hope to inspire you to escape the comfortable confines of your daily routines and to intrepidly explore the world in all its beauty and splendour. We will help you to fall in love with the natural world and with each other, and will encourage you to laugh and find your inner child.

Our core company ethos of Care of the Land, Care of the Wildlife and Care of the People drives all that we do and we encourage you, our guests, to get involved and personally experience some of the countless conservation and community empowerment projects that you will be able to support, simply by travelling with us.

We believe in taking less and giving more and we apply this simple philosophy every day, through actions big and small, to our operations across Africa, Asia and South America. Whether it’s participating in the reintroduction of an endangered species like the black rhino, providing a viable market for local businesses to encourage enterprise development in the communities surrounding our properties, or simply managing the vegetable peelings from our lodge kitchens, we consciously and continually look for innovative ways to leave a positive and lasting legacy on the earth.

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