green turtle hatchling at andbeyond vamizi island

&Beyond Vamizi Island conservation & research

Conservation has been a strong driver at &Beyond Vamizi Island even before its six luxury villas were opened, with a Conservation Team present on the island from 2005. Home to one of the world’s great marine archipelagos, this entire area is under threat. Along with the Vamizi conservation team, &Beyond uses our influence and expertise to protect it, focusing on reef conservation and on creating safe migratory routes for the endangered species that travel this coastline, from turtles to humpback whales.

Vamizi is renowned as a breeding site for green turtles, providing guests with the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures laying their eggs or the hatchlings making their first trip to the ocean’s edge. Supported by an on-site conservation team for more than ten years, the careful preservation of the reefs surrounding Vamizi has led to one of the dive sites accessed from the island, Neptune’s Arm, being recognised as one of the top scuba sites in the world.