Travel Inspired

Be inspired by travel as you re-create the tastes, smells, sights and sounds of your favourite destination or learn a new skill.

Top chefs, designers, photographers and other industry experts share their tips and tricks while discussing some of their most memorable moments in the most remote destinations in Africa, Asia and South America.


Episode 1

Fox Browne Creative - making design dreams come true

Creating lodges and travel experiences that are as warm, distinctive and unforgettable as they are themselves, the dynamic duo behind Fox Browne Creative share some of the experiences that have shaped their journey in the design word. Find out how their experiences have shaped their outlook and provided inspiration for their award-wining hospitality design around the globe.

Episode 2

Travelling in Chile with Pedro Barraza

Pedro Barraza, &Beyond Managing Director for South America, shares insider tips about travelling in his native Chile, from the best places to eat, sleep and shop in his hometown of Santiago to the country’s best wineries, authentic adventures and off-the-beaten track experiences.

Episode 3

Vernon Swanepoel – Exploring Africa’s night skies

Vernon Swanepoel, Activities Manager at &Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge speaks about the wonders of the night sky in the Namib Desert, exploring the magic that stargazing holds for guests. Find out how the lodge’s observatory came into being and get to know a little about the resident astronomers who helps travellers unravel what is written in the stars.

Episode 4

Keeping it real - global design for remote destinations

Having worked in some of the world’s most remote and challenging destinations, from the Namib Desert to the mountains of Bhutan and the plains of the Serengeti, Chris Browne and Debra Fox share their insights into creating modern designs that blend into rather than overwhelm their setting. Listen to tales of how to overcome challenges from long supply chains to unexpected weather changes and unwanted wildlife visitors.

Episode 5

Walking the tightrope between luxury, design and comfort

What is the secret behind creating just the right level of luxury for complete comfort? Find out how designers Fox Browne Creative combine the latest trends with classical design pieces, always keeping guest comfort top of mind.

Episode 6

Luxury done sustainably – a paradox of design

As sustainability becomes more and more topical, sophisticated travellers are demanding travel options that keep the environment top of mind while still providing the ultimate in luxury. Find out how sustainable designs, materials and techniques can be incorporated in lodges design to achieve these two seemingly contradictory goals.

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