A life in the wild


Listen to our staff tell their tales of life in some of the world’s most far-flung and remote destinations.

Hear hair-raising and humorous tales of baboons and laundry lines, bush roadblocks and unexpected wildlife visitors of all shapes and sizes.

A true-to-life glimpse into the realities of living in the bush, this series ranges from stories of how to become a safari guide to the everyday challenges of running some of the world’s most exclusive lodges and camps in destinations hundreds of miles from the nearest stores.


Episode 1

Toby Sinclair – A Passage to India

Toby Sinclair from &Beyond Asia speaks about a lifelong fascination with Asia and tells the tale of his adventurous first trip to India. Follow in his footsteps as he drives from England to India, exploring some of the world’s least accessible destinations. Find out how India enchanted him, what kept him coming back again and again, and how he spent his first years in Asia.

Episode 2

Nikki Herbst – a passion for growing people

Having lived almost 30 years in the bush, Nikki shares decades’ worth of stories about opening some of &Beyond‘s most loved lodges. Find out about the training and mentoring that goes on behind the scenes and discover the level of detail that goes into the smallest of decision, from where to source lodge supplies to how to organise a surprise celebration for a guest.

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Meet your hosts

Claire Trickett

&Beyond Editor & Travel Blogger

Kasia Sliwa

&Beyond Podcast Host