Leave our world a better place

Every day, we strive to leave our world a better place through our company ethos of Care of the Land, Care of the Wildlife and Care of the People.

Find out more about our model of sustainable travel and listen to the stories of the people who dedicate themselves to wildlife conservation, caring for rural communities and managing large tracts of protected land and ocean.


Episode 1

Les Carlisle - a lifetime of adventures in wildlife conservation

&Beyond Conservation Manager Les Carlisle shares 40 years’ worth of stories, from wildlife translocation successes to challenges and close calls. Tune in for stories about rhino translocations, caring for endangered species and setting up one of South Africa’s most successful private game reserves, all told with humour, enthusiasm and passion.

Episode 2

Ultimately, conservation is about people

For conservation to be successful, it is crucial for game reserves to secure the buy-in of the surrounding rural communities. &Beyond Conservation Manager, Les Carlisle, explains how conservation models can be configured to benefit those living next to the world’s remaining wild places.

Episode 3

Conservation coalition – working together for wildlife

It is more important than ever before for the safari travel industry to come together in order to support conservation. Explore the challenges and benefits of industry competitors working together towards a common goal and hear about successful examples of conservation coalition projects.

Episode 4

Guy Balme – promoting wild cat conservation around the world

&Beyond guide Josh van der Ploeg chats to Guy Balme from wild cat conservation organisation Panthera. Find out how individual leopards are identified and discover how research studies into wildlife can help change human behaviour, from influencing national policy to changing mindsets about the use of leopard skins as ceremonial costumes in the Shembe Church.

Episode 5

Tessa Hempson - a champion for marine conservation

Oceans Without Borders Programme Manager and Principal Scientist Tessa Hempson speaks about a lifelong passion for the oceans, reliving favourite moments spent in the water, explaining why we should all care about marine conservation and telling us about the simple things that we all do to help make a difference.

Episode 6

How does wildlife work – private game reserves vs. national parks

To a first-time safari traveller the difference between private game reserves and national parks is often not clear. What are the similarities and differences? How can different regulations affect your experience as a traveller? And how the two work together to benefit conservation?

Episode 7

Helping preserve the world’s wild species

&Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve has not only succeeded in converting degraded farmland into a thriving Big Five wildlife area but has become the home of any number of successful conservation projects. Find out why Phinda’a rhino population is so important, how the reserve has helped to create new wildlife populations throughout Africa and what it is doing to help preserve endangered species like the pangolin.

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