Humans of &Beyond

With conservation and sustainability forever in our hearts, &Beyond is home to a unique breed of human – one imbued with warmth, compassion and the indomitable will to make a difference to the people, the animals and the wild places of Africa, Asia and South Africa.

Hear the stories of the everyday heroes who spend each day helping to create unforgettable memories for our travel guests, working behind the scenes to surmount the challenges connected with hospitality in remote destinations, as well as wildlife conservation and rural community development.


Episode 1

Nonhlanhla Ambrose – mother to many

Programme Manager for Africa Foundation’s Community Leaders Education Fund, Nonhlanhla is not only responsible for selecting the recipients of these tertiary education bursaries but often becomes a second mother to them. Having fulfilled a vital support role for many young people from rural Africa who are trying to build a brighter future, she shares her inspirational story of triumph over adversity.

Episode 2

Simon Saitoti – a modern Maasai

Listen to Simon Saitoti reflect on his rural Maasai childhood and how he persevered to become Regional Programme Manager for Africa Foundation in Kenya. He describes how he combined his traditional Maasai life with a modern education and how he remains fully committed to improving the lives of his peers.

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&Beyond Editor & Travel Blogger

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