Rescue & Rehabilitation Center visit

Travel with heart and visit a wildlife conservation project in the Northern Amazon

The essence of a rescue & rehabilitation center visit

A fascinating excursion on your Amazonian cruising journey is a visit to the Rescue & Rehabilitation Center of River Mammals (ACOBIA). Get up close to baby manatees and learn about this gentle, endangered sea cow that, due to poaching and habitat degradation, is on the risk list.  The centre also cares for other animals under threat, and those rescued from individuals wanting to make them pets, including various monkey species and river otters. Throughout the year there is a committed group of volunteers who dedicate their time to looking after these animals.

You can spend about an hour here; half of that time will be interacting with the animals. Manatees are vegetarian so be sure to take some healthy greens for them to nibble on. They do not have teeth, just large gums that they chew with. Close to Iquitos, this is a great way to discover animals that you would not usually see.

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