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Visit Museo Antonini in Peru

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Dedicated to the ruins of Cahuachi, the Antonini Educational Museum, by the Italian archaeologist Giuseppe Orefici, exhibits a collection of fascinating archaeological pieces. You can get an overview of both the Nazca culture and a glance of most of Nazca’s outlying sites here.

Housing the latest discoveries in the Ancient Ceremonial Centre of Cahuachi, the museum displays the different stages of the Nazca culture, trophy heads, musical instruments such as antaras, textiles, burial bundles, models of the Nazca lines, and is a fascinating peek into this ancient lineage.

The archive contains much of the findings recovered by the Italian mission called Project Nasca 1982 – 2011. These findings are the result of excavations at the world’s largest clay ceremonial centre, Cahuachi.

Located on the east side of Nazca, this informative archaeological museum houses an archaeological park with rebuildings of tombs, in natural size, imitations of funerals and funerary furnishings, reproductions of the rock paintings of Huayhua and a scale model of the geoglyphs of the Pampa de Nasca.

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