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Explore Lima’s abundance of incredible museums, which reveal the antiquity of the region’s lost civilizations. Cherry picked for you, is this trio of stunning museums that recreate an integrated tableau of the millennial Peruvian past in archaeology, history and art.

Kick-start your day with a morning excursion to the National Archaeological Museum, which showcases an array of artefacts that provide valuable insight into Peru’s history. If you’d like to visually travel through thousands of years of Peruvian history as experienced through many varied cultures and civilizations, then make time for this museum.  Populating four floors, this exhibition contains a wealth of textiles, ceramics, sculptures, jewellery, weapons and other materials; many contextualised in scenic recreations and dioramas representing Peru’s cultures throughout different eras and regions.

Discover Peru’s fascinating heritage and continue your journey of exploration to the Museum of Natural History. Here you will be introduced to diverse specimens of Peruvian fauna, flora and minerals; including exhibitions of mammals, primates, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fossils, dinosaurs, and minerals among others. In a country which boasts the freezing Andes, blustery altiplano, gigantic gorges, a valley of volcanoes, the luscious Amazon rainforest, an arid desert coast, and enormous Lake Titicaca, there are some fascinating facts to uncover.

Continue on your tour with a visit to the sophisticated Larco Museum. Housed in a gorgeous 18th-century vice-royal mansion, it boasts the world’s largest private collection of pre-Columbian artworks, consisting of the refined ceramics of the Moche dynasty, and the people who lived in the northern coast of Peru between 200 and 700 AC. Through its projects and forms of pottery, you will learn about the religion, agriculture, transportation, dance and music of the eras.

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