Cultural tour

Meet the local tribes of the Amazon

The essence of a Cultural tour

An incredible experience in the Amazon is the opportunity to engage with the communities that live in the jungle. Residing amongst gigantic trees, lush vegetation, imaginative wildlife from story books, camouflaged black water streams and an evolving eco-system, these tribes add to the beating heart of the forest.

Memorable encounters offering unique, cross-cultural experiences will give you a different perspective on life and possibly change your view of the world in which you live. It is incredible, inspiring and so immensely refreshing to see the men and women of the Amazon who have lived here for centuries and are fiercely protective of their home.

These tribes have mastered the art of giving and taking, a relationship based on mutual respect and love of their natural environment.

The rainforest is a place that is at once mysterious and complex, fascinating and compelling and incredibly giving and benevolent. The medicinal complexity found within the Amazon transcends our imagination. The abundance of plants and trees in the jungle are as extensive as other entire countries. This is testament to just how much is still unknown and undiscovered.

Ancestral, Amazonian biochemical discoveries, such as “curare”, used in anaesthesia, make up some of the many ground-breaking staples that modern Western medicine now rely on as ‘state-of-the art’. Much of the alternative medicinal in the world is thanks to the Amazonian rainforest’s magic.

As you delve deeper into the jungle, the history of the territory reveals itself as you discover the various diverse native groups that existed at different times.

Coexisting in harmony with the tropical rainforest and the natural world, they live a life that some of us can only dream of.


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