Ice trekking

Explore pristine areas on the northern icefield of Patagonia

The essence of Ice trekking

Traverse a spectacular landscape of ice and glaciers that will elevate you to a universe of new sensations as you gaze upon vast stark white desert and the iridescent waters of its shimmering lagoons. Mender through ancient frozen ice formations hidden in the Torres del Paine and San Rafael Lagoon National Parks, and awaken your adventurous side discovering magnificent crevasses, tumbling rivers and cavernous tunnels formed by the glaciers while walking along the Yelcho Ice Field in the Carretera Austral.

Located in the heart of Patagonia, Campos de Hielo Norte, here you’ll find the third largest ice field in the world. Gaze upon towering glaciers famous for their unique shapes, and mesmerising colours and listen to the startling sound as falling pieces of ice crash into the liquid deep below-a breath-taking experience.  Hike through the San Rafael Lagoon National Park, home of the San Rafael, Exploradores, Leones, Nef, Soler, and Steffen Glaciers. Face Mount San Valentín fearlessly, the highest mountain in Chilean Patagonia, and for sport lovers, the wildest white giant at the end of the world.

While the northern icefield is smaller than its southern counterpart, it still has 30 significant glaciers along its perimeter, with ice cascading downslope through lush mountain valleys. The Northern Ice Field is a designated UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve so if you decide to visit here you will be exposed to a wilderness that few people have ever, or will ever see.

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