Cultural and historical tours

Immerse yourself in the colourful past or get a glimpse of local life in Mozambique

The essence of the cultural and historical tours

Step back in time among the forts and monuments of the island that time forgot or choose an intimate glimpse into the lives of the hardy fishermen that inhabit a tiny chain of islands off the shores of Mozambique. Remote and untouched, the Quirimbas Archipelago is a string of tranquil islands, on whose palm-fringed beached and sun-kissed shores times has stood still for centuries. Vivid traces of a colourful past date back to 600 AD, when Arab traders first discovered the islands, establishing a string of trading posts that would bring the imprint of cultures from around the world to this quiet little stretch of the Indian Ocean.

All but forgotten by the outside world, Ibo Island is a vivid reminder of when adventurers from around the world trod the shores of Mozambique, keeping up a brisk trade in amber, jet, ivory, turtle shells and even slaves. Lose yourself among Ibo’s ancient buildings, from old forts established to protect trading routes to crumbling colonial homes, all of them inspired by a variety of visitors and traditions, from Arabic to Chinese, Portuguese, Indian and even Dutch. Feel history beneath your feet as you explore the quaint landmarks and get to know the warm and friendly people of Ibo, each imprinted with a culture that remains truly unique.

Alternatively, choose to find out more about the local customs and traditions of the fishing communities that make a living from sailing the azure waters of the Quirimbas. You will find yourself warmly welcomed into the homes of these hospitable people and will discover the rhythm of daily life. Gaze on the smiling faces of children at a local school, witness the excitement as the fishing boats come in, learn about the remedies offered by the local witch doctor or enjoy a friendly game of football on the soft island sand.

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