Cruise with Sundowners, Maldives

Bask in the sunset on a champagne and canapé cruise

Sunset fishing & cruise with sundowners

The essence of sunset fishing & cruise with sundowners

Glide across the crystal clear waters of the South Malé Atoll on an indulgent late afternoon relax. Marveling at the beauty of the soft powdery white beaches in the middle of the ocean, submerge yourself in the warm seas and snorkel the turquoise waters teeming with brilliantly coloured fish and decorative, delicate coral.

Reveling in the insouciant life, put your skills to the test with a spot of reef fishing and learn the art of angling, the way the Maldivian fishermen have done for centuries.

Lounge on deck savouring the salty sprays on your skin as the giant orange orb slowly slips to the other side of the world. Indulge in delectable fare and marvel at pods of lively dolphins gently porpoising out of the balmy water.

The sunset cruise is the ideal way to unwind, and to experience the vastness of the ocean and the beauty of the islands. Ogle the splash of vivid colours in the evening sky transform from intense blue to stunning rose and mauve or admire the breathtaking star-studded sky. Absorb the landscape changing as the light fades and the magnificent moon illuminates the water and casts streaming shadows, and a path leading to distant lands.

This is a must do excursion on your journey to the Maldives, and a truly tranquil experience. Quaffing bubbly champers, nibbling on scrumptious canapes and lounging on deck with the sun dipping in the distance. How can life possibly get any better? Perhaps if you catch your own dinner!

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