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Search for one of the world's most elusive animals

Snow Leopard Expedition

The essence of a Snow Leopard Expedition

The majestic region of Ladakh, situated on the northern border of India, boasts a stark natural beauty. Known as Little Tibet or the Roof of the World, the area has its own culture and identity and has never ceased to enchant travellers. One of the last frontiers for wildlife tourism, Ladakh’s high valleys are home to perhaps the highest density of the most elusive of the great cats – the snow leopard.  The very name evokes all that is most wild, mysterious and elusive in nature, for this is an animal that comes cloaked not just in the subtle beauty of its own coat but also in all the high drama of the harsh and magnificent environment that it dominates.

&Beyond’s Snow Leopard Expedition set out in search of rare and endangered animal species in a setting that features the snow-capped Himalaya Mountains, clear cobalt lakes and ever-changing sand dunes. The Ladakh region is a high altitude cold desert, where the snow leopard survives on a prey base of bharal (blue sheep), ibex and marmots. The wildlife the guests can expect to encounter includes not only snow leopard but also ibex, Tibetan antelope, blue sheep, shapo, marmot and Tibetan hare. Guests can also expect exceptional birdwatching opportunities, with snow partridge, golden oriole, snow cock, golden eagle, horned lark and red billed chuff.

Gear up for your adventure in the Tibetan city of Leh, a fascinating labyrinth of winding streets and quaint bazaars. Marvel at the Royal Palace, find out more about elusive animal you will be tracking at the Snow Leopard Conservancy and visit the Thiksey monastery, set high on a hill and boasting the largest Buddah figure in Ladakh. Travel deeper into the countryside, marveling at dramatic scenery and keeping an eye out for exceptional wildlife. Spend seven nights in remote Ulley, searching for snow leopard and getting to know this remarkable region’s folklore, customs and traditions.

The Expedition is headed by one of the region’s most experienced guides who is an authority on snow leopards and also knowledgeable about the fascinating cultural heritage of the region.

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