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Live a royal fantasy at the Mtoni Palace

Mtoni Marine Palace and spice tour

The essence of the Mtoni Marine Palace and spice tour

Delve into the lives of Zanzibar’s royalty on a private guided tour of the Mtoni Palace ruins near Stone City. The palace was constructed nearly 200 years ago, boasting brilliant views of the Indian Ocean from engraved balconies.

Mtoni Palace was the birthplace of Princess Salme, the youngest daughter of Sultan Said, the former Omani ruler of Zanzibar. At the height of its reign, the palace hosted many residents and servants, including the wives and children of the Sultan. There were over 1000 people dotted throughout the massive grounds.

Board a traditional Zanzibari dhow and cruise across pristine waters that lead to a lush garden. Be welcomed with a delicious Arabian coffee and lemongrass tea ceremony, and indulge in the many flavours of Zanzibar’s diverse heritage.

Board a dala dala, a flatbed truck with back faced seats under a metal canopy, often used as taxis by the locals, and set off to a nearby spice plantation. Enjoy a complete tour, followed by a charming feast prepared by a local family.

End the afternoon at the impressive Persian baths built by Sultan Said for his second wife.

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