Safari game drive

In search of Uganda’s apes and tree climbing lions

The essence of a safari game drive

Deep in the heart of the Great Western Rift Valley, Queen Elizabeth National Park offers a vast diversity of wildlife and a multitude of truly spectacular landscapes. Varied and wildly beautiful, the park is home to no less than nine species of primates, including the endangered chimpanzee, as well as the exotic black and white colobus monkey. The reserve is also famous for leopards and tree-climbing lions. Game drives in this, the second largest national park in Uganda, traverse a mass of streams, rivers and lakes, including the Kyambura River, which eventually flows into the mighty Nile.

Known as the “Valley of Apes”, the gorgeous Kyambura (or Chambura) Gorge is situated in the far eastern corner of the park. Incredibly diverse landscapes and brimming with a rich wildlife bio-diversity you are sure to observe primates, wild animals and colourful, vibrant birds in their natural habitat.

Congregated in this one richly abundant area resides a tremendous number of primates. You will be able to see most of these from the comfort of your game vehicle, or on an interesting guided nature walk. Hard to miss, baboons frolic about in their troops on roadsides, waiting for an open window opportunity, so they can feast on your delicious snacks. Glance into trembling treetops and you will be sure to see inquisitive red tailed monkeys swinging from atop a lush canopy.

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