Chimpanzee trekking

Thrill to the antics of chimpanzees

The essence of Chimpanzee trekking

Set off into spectacular Kyabura Gorge, one of the best places in Uganda to spot chimpanzees. Experience the thrill of catching up with the unruly chimps as the forest comes alive with their noisy calls. Conquer the challenging terrain, descending into the steep gorge and crossing the natural log bridges over the rushing river as you keep an eye out for the chimpanzees in the canopy above. Spend two to three hours looking for and enjoying the loveable apes in the company of an expert ranger. Chimpanzee trekking is available year round, but requires a degree of agility and fitness.

This incredible Kyambura Gorge experience is about so much more than just exploring and discovering chimpanzees at home in their the natural habitat. You will learn about the fascinating ecosystems of Kyambura Gorge’s atmospheric “underground” rainforest, chimp and monkey ecology, diverse vegetation types, and identifying colourful birds and patterns of their behaviour.

In this abundant lush habitat, clasped among the steep slopes of the Kyambura Gorge, resides an assortment of primates including distinguished chimpanzees, the black & white Colobus monkeys, olive baboons and cheeky red tailed monkeys. Make sure you have your camera ready to snap stunning pictures of these beautiful, human-like creatures in the wild.

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