Safari game drive in Kidepo

Explore a remote and varied haven in Kidepo National Park

The essence of the safari game drive

Remote, untouched and brimming with varied landscapes, the Kidepo National Park is one of Africa’s hidden gems. With less than 10 new visitors a day, you can expect an almost private game drive experience as you traverse through vast plains, punctuated with craggy outcrops, and a flourishing valley.

Travel to the Kanangorok hot springs, cross over the Kidepo Sand River and marvel at the towering mountains which stand vigil in the distance. In the company of your guide, you will be introduced to the park’s fantastic flora as well as its wildlife, which ranges from lion, elephant and leopard to buffalo, giraffe, a variety of antelope, an extensive array of bird species and so much more.

Dotted with small green hills, rocky rugged out crops and inselberg the vast landscape throughout the park are incredible, and one can enjoy spectacular views in all directions. The continuous waters ensure River Kidepo is a sparkling oasis in the semi desert. Home to over numerous mammal species including golden lions, lithe cheetah, elusive leopard, mischievous bat eared foxes, gracious giraffe there is also over 500 magnificent bird species including the verreaux’s eagle, Egyptian vulture, pygmy falcon.

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