Boat safari on the Rufiji River

Set sail on East Africa’s largest delta

The essence of a boat safari on the Rufiji River

The Rufiji River is the lifeline of the Selous, with magnificent herds of wildlife congregating along its banks. Wide and winding, the river forms a number of scenic lakes in the heart of the game reserves, while its channels flow into the largest river delta in East Africa. Explore the sinuous waterways of the Rufiji by boat when the river’s waters are high or cruise one of its many tranquil lakes during the low water season. Sip sundowners or enjoy a delicious meal while watching the herds coming down to drink and getting to know a wonderful variety of beautiful bird species.

The Rufiji itself is a sprawling waterway with 5 distinctive ‘lakes’ joined together by a myriad of channels. A birders paradise with over 440 species of birds recorded, including the rare Pel’s Fishing Owl and White-Backed Heron. It is also abundantly rich in fish eagles, herons, Egyptian geese, storks, bee eaters, and kingfishers. Bask in the beauty of your surroundings and gaze at the magnificence of the flaming orange orb as it slips below the horizon. As the only game area in Tanzania to offer river boat safaris, this serene experience is truly stunning.

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