Arusha City Tour

Explore this sprawling vibrant city, the Gateway to Safari

The essence of the City Tour

Arusha is lush and green and offers myriad glorious experiences to enjoy. Cherry pick your options, and soak up the wonderful ambiance and marvel at the creative entrepreneurial skills of the local people. A simply must do is a guided walk around one of Arusha’s coffee plantations, including a tour of the coffee tasting plant providing insight into the brewing process. Arabica and Robusta coffee are Tanzania’s largest export, and they have polished the art of coffee making to near perfection. Usually coffee plantations are beautifully scenic and these are no exception. This is due to the main crop being sheltered by grandiose trees making for some spectacular sights.

For an insightful experience visit Shanga, an Elewana initiative based at Arusha Coffee Lodge where physically challenged craftspeople create beautiful necklaces from recycled powder glass beads. This is an incredible business venture that retails throughout Tanzania and abroad, and helps so many deaf and disabled people earn a salary who otherwise would have nothing. After an informative tour of the colourful workshop, you can spend the afternoon browsing the city’s Maasai Market and Cultural Heritage Centre for traditional handicrafts.

Maasai Market is a sensational sensory experience. Thrust into a slice of whirling Tanzanian life have your wits about you and prepare to barter. A fabulously lively atmosphere offers an abundance of sellers peddling their wares of exotic fruit, coffee, nuts and spices. If you are on the hunt for carefully crafted African art, sculptures and artefacts, head to the Cultural Heritage craft mall for the best pieces in the city.
Feeling famished and in need of some delicious food and sustenance? Go local and feast on “Nyama Choma”, Swahili for roast meat. Spoilt for choice Arusha offers delicious no-frills street food. Another must have is ‘Chicken on the Bonnet’ with plates piled high with Indian style chutneys, naans and salads. As an alternative to local food, the restaurant at Arusha Coffee Lodge, George’s Greek Tavern or Blue Heron Restaurant which serves salads, pizzas and sandwiches are all great choices.


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