Private helicopter and yacht cruise

Skim the Cape Town coast on a luxury yacht

The essence of a private helicopter and yacht cruise

Flying low in a helicopter over the city and in a luxury yacht across the coastline. Explore the Cape Peninsula from a unique perspective and marvel at the impressive vistas of a towering Chapman’s Peak and shimmering coast of Noordhoek Beach before circling over Sun Valley, False Bay and the Constantia Winelands. Next, head to a luxury yacht where you will sail along Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard to Clifton and served a delectable array of snacks and sparkling wine by a private hostess. The yacht anchors at Clifton, where you can savour the African sun on the deck.

An extraordinary, breathtaking experience awaits you on either, or both of these magnificent modes of transport. For exhilarating view of exquisite natural beauty head high in the skies and ogle the vast, stunning landscapes below. Craggy coastlines enveloping jagged lofty cliffs and tumbling sprays of white foam crash on sun kissed golden sands. Lush green vegetation and foliage merges with decadent vineyards flourishing with lush bright green and royal purple orbs. Gasp at magnificent Cape colonial historic homes, proudly cradled on vast luxuriant estates.

Set sail on the spectacular azure seas and surrender yourself to absolute extravagance on board a majestic yacht. As you glide through the liquid deep marvel at flawless coastlines and rugged green mountains, recline on deck with the golden rays caressing your body, revelling in the good life.

Duration: 2 Hours

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