Nature walk in the Savute

Come face to face with giants in Savute

The essence of a nature walk

Revel in an excursion that explores the ancient San rock paintings at Gubatsa Hills. Next, head off to explore the avenue of baobab trees a short distance away at the edge of the wide open plains of Savute.

The small, hilly outcrop stands as a proud landmark, emphasised by a flat, bush landscape. This extraordinary dolomite rock mound houses a skillful anthology of paintings that reveal the rich history and indigenous way of life of the San people who once roamed the bush. The interpretive paintings that line the Gubatsa Hills are estimated to be over 1 500 years old and depict vivid depictions of the majestic elephant, regal giraffe, rare sable and stout eland antelope.

The Gubatsa Hills is a rare example of San paintings in clear view, whereas ordinarily they are found in caves and rock shelters which assist in the preservation of the colours. The intense paintings are brilliantly etched into the stone using materials that archaeologists assume to be a blend of snake venom, blood and plant juice. These wondrous images vie for your attention with a cluster of 13 venerable baobab trees that tower over the bush, delicately stretching their branches towards the skies.

The baobab trees boast a circumference of around 7 meters (23 feet) and a height of around 5 meters (17 feet). Take some time out to reflect in the shade of the centuries-old trees, humbled by their large presence and the secrets that flow deep within their roots.

The soulful scene transports travelers to a mystic world, inviting wayfarers to appreciate the magnitude and potency of Africa. As the sun dips below the horizon, marvel at the silhouettes of the baobab’s looming branches, with the rich copper and blush hues of sunset peeking through and illuminating the fertile ground.

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