Why visit the Northern Amazon?

The northern Amazon offers the perfect opportunity to discover the region’s vibrant array of fauna and flora on incredible river cruises.

The Peruvian Amazon is defined in two parts; the northern Amazon Basin and the southern Amazon Basin. Each destination offers its own allure, yet both offer the fantastic opportunity to explore, discover and reconnect with one of the world’s most magnificent natural wonders – the Amazon rainforest. The more remote, yet easily accessible, region of the northern Amazon Basin can be accessed via Iquitos. This spectacular area is renowned for its exceptional boat cruises along the mammoth Amazon River that snakes its way through impenetrable emerald jungles, to neighbouring Brazil, before entering the Atlantic Ocean.

Travellers to the region are offered the unrivalled opportunity to encounter a multitude of exquisite wildlife and engage with the Amazon’s indigenous inhabitants. While exceptional treks within the rainforest are undoubtedly a highlight, the attraction of the northern Amazon Basin lies in its unrivalled water excursions. Exclusive boat cruises along secluded stretches of the Amazon River introduce visitors to an incredible diversity of animals and birdlife that live along or within this breathtaking life-force.

Why Visit?

  • Experience life along the Amazon River as you sail along with several of the river’s tributaries aboard a luxurious boat.
  • Journey along a remote section of the Amazon River that few have seen.
  • Venture deep into the Amazon jungle, with an expert guide, to learn about its wildlife and incredible ecosystems.
  • Keep your binoculars peeled! Birding enthusiasts will delight in the exceptional array of Peruvian species that call the jungle their home.
  • Travel with heart and join a wildlife conservation project that protects the region’s endangered manatees and taricaya turtles.


Summer (December to March)
22°C/72°F to 33°C/91°F

Winter (June to September)
21°C/70°F to 31°C/88°F

The Amazon has a tropical climate. Rains expected year-round, mostly between December and May.

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